Durrell and the City: Collected Essays on Place

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Durrell described this technique in his introductory note in Balthazar as "relativistic. Critics praised the 'Quartet' for its richness of style, the variety and vividness of its characters, its movement between the personal and the political, and its locations in and around the ancient Egyptian city which Durrell portrays as the chief protagonist: "The city which used us as its flora—precipitated in us conflicts which were hers and which we mistook for our own: beloved Alexandria! The Academy decided that "Durrell was not to be given preference this year"—probably because "they did not think that The Alexandria Quartet was enough, so they decided to keep him under observation for the future.

In Durrell separated from Eve Cohen. He married again in , to Claude-Marie Vincendon, whom he met on Cyprus. She was a Jewish woman born in Alexandria. Durrell was devastated when Claude-Marie died of cancer in He married for the fourth and last time in , to Ghislaine de Boysson, a French woman. They divorced in The house was situated in extensive grounds surrounded by a wall.

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He also completed The Avignon Quintet, published from to , which used many of the same motifs and styles found in his metafictional Alexandria Quartet. Although the related works are frequently described as a quintet, Durrell referred to it as a "quincunx. The middle novel of the quincunx, Constance, or Solitary Practices , which portrays France in the s under the German occupation, was nominated for the Booker Prize in He wrote:. This is what the work of Sanguinetti shows us, in the form of a mirror image. Or, to put it in less philosophical terms, Eduardo Sanguinetti, like almost any other creator, has little understanding of what he is going to do and only partially understands what he has done.

Sanguinetti, in a way of contemplating the world and all his work, whatever the medium, reveals this particular way. Sanguinetti is a style. He is an extraordinarily coherent statement of a way of being in the world.

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Other works from this period are Sicilian Carousel, a non-fiction celebration of that island, The Greek Islands, and Caesar's Vast Ghost, which is set in and chiefly about the region of Provence, France. A longtime smoker, Durrell suffered from emphysema for many years. One year after his death, in the British literary magazine Granta published excerpts from the journals of his late daughter Sappho.

She had committed suicide in at the age of 33 after many years of psychiatric problems. In the journals, she intimated that she had an incestuous relationship with her father. Reviewer Roger Cohen said that the nature of her "largely incoherent" writing made it impossible to determine whether the events she describes were real or imagined.

Durrell said that he had three literary uncles: his publisher T. He had first read Miller after finding a copy of Tropic of Cancer that had been left behind in a public lavatory. He said the book shook him "from stem to stern". Durrell worked for several years in the service of the Foreign Office.

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He later refused a Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, because he felt his "conservative, reactionary and right-wing" political views might be a cause for embarrassment. Durrell's works of humour, Esprit de Corps and Stiff Upper Lip, are about life in the diplomatic corps, particularly in Serbia. He claimed to have disliked both Egypt and Argentina, although not nearly so much as he disliked Yugoslavia.

Durrell's poetry has been overshadowed by his novels, but Peter Porter , in his introduction to a Selected Poems, calls Durrell "One of the best [poets] of the past hundred years.

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And one of the most enjoyable. Its innovation lies in its refusal to be more high-minded than the things it records, together with its handling of the whole lexicon of language. For much of his life, Durrell resisted being identified solely as British, or as only affiliated with Britain. He preferred to be considered as cosmopolitan. Since his death, there have been rumours that Durrell never had British citizenship, but he was originally classified as a British citizen as he was born to British colonial parents living in India under the British Raj.

In Durrell and many other former and present British residents became classified as non-patrial, as a result of an amendment to the Commonwealth Immigrants Act.

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The law was covertly intended to reduce migration from India, Pakistan, and the West Indies, but Durrell was also penalized by it and refused citizenship. He had not been told that he needed to "register as a British citizen in under the Commonwealth Immigrants Act As The Guardian reported in , Durrell in was "one of the best selling, most celebrated English novelists of the late 20th century" and "at the height of his fame.

Diplomats were outraged and embarrassed at these events. After Durrell's death, his lifelong friend Alan G. Thomas donated a collection of books and periodicals associated with Durrell to the British Library.

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    With the Italian surrender to the Allies in , German forces took over most of the islands and held onto them as besieged fortresses until the war's end. Mainland Greece was at that time locked in civil war. A temporary British military government was established in the Dodecanese at war's end, pending sovereignty being transferred to Greece in , as part of war reparations from Italy.

    Durrell set up house with Eve in the little gatekeeper's lodge of an old Turkish cemetery, just across the road from the building used by the British Administration. Today this is the Casino in Rhodes' new town. His co-habitation with Eve Cohen could be discreetly ignored by his employer, while the couple gained from staying within the perimeter security zone of the main building. His book Reflections on a Marine Venus was inspired by this period and was a lyrical celebration of the island.

    It avoids more than a passing mention of the troubled war times. He served there for eighteen months, giving lectures on cultural topics. Durrell was posted by the British Council to Belgrade , Yugoslavia , [13] and served there until This sojourn gave him material for his novel White Eagles over Serbia In , Eve had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised in England.