LUSH (a YA Dystopian novel) (A LUSH novel Book 1)

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As I twisted the cap back on the bottle, I noticed its label. It was a different color than the ones Aspen usually kept stocked in my room, red instead of orange. My head started to feel heavy. The pounding had immediately subsided, but that pain was replaced with another as my eyes began to feel heavy and ache.

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A yawn escaped my mouth. It was hard to focus on any one thing in my room. I just wanted to lie down. I let myself fall back on the bed and held the bottle up close to my eyes, squinting as I forced myself to focus on the words written in black ink across the red label: Sleep. I rolled over on my back and blinked up at the woman who was standing over my bed looking down at me. My mind was still half in sleep mode and it took me a moment to register that the woman was Aspen, with a newly blonde head.

Although, her hair still seemed darker at the roots to me, not quite the single color she had professed to my father she was going to change it to. Your hair, I mumbled. I pushed myself up so I could sit on the edge of my bed. My legs dangled over the side.

LUSH (a YA Dystopian novel) (A LUSH novel Book 1)

Um, sure. You looked like you needed some uninterrupted rest. If it were up to me, you would not stay up late reading on that tablet of yours. You are getting dark circles, and it is not a good look. Not at all. My tablet? I asked and looked over at the bag that was resting against the desk in my room. I smoothed my hands out to the side of me, across the bed, and glanced down as I touched something hard.

Oh, my tablet. Aspen laughed. Sleep was a perfect solution. Tired eyes are not pleasant to look at. Stories, she scoffed. I never understood the allure of them. They are a waste of time! Headache, I said, rubbing my temples. I had one last night too, well, I think I did.

Take some Pain Relief. It works wonders. Aspen reached down to retrieve the bottle of Sleep water that was lying on the floor. She took two pills from an open bottle on my bedside table, grabbed two small bottles of water out of the cooler drawer, and handed them all to me. We have a long and exciting day ahead of us, and you need to be fully awake.

Head of Armory… as if that is anywhere near as important," she turned around to walk out of my room. She paused at the doorway and then turned back to look at me.

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A small frown was on her face. I thought we settled this. Mother and daughter. I think we will both be turning heads tonight when we show up wearing such amazing gowns. I would like you downstairs in fifteen minutes. Cimarron is on her way over to assist and guide you today. We will start with a healthy, but very light, breakfast. By the time I stood up from the bed, my head felt better. It always surprised me how fast medicines could work, but I was usually hesitant to use them. There were many things I could fix, all by myself.

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  5. Most of my friends were quick to seek out instantaneous relief, and would take pills or liquid medicines on a daily basis. I stared at the bottle of pills, it was one of the many Drugs that were. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Hush a Lush novel by S. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: S. Book Preview Hush a Lush novel - S.

    It is all going just fine, Aspen said. She is really warming up to me. What did you get out of this, Aspen? Otherwise, Click here to log in.

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    Follow litreactor. Here are seven. Go back to school with these seven young adult novels featuring a lush boarding school setting. Never before has it been more important to have quality young adult novels depicting LGBTQ characters in the hands of readers. Here are six unique novels that feature a transgendered protagonist.

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