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Devoted to Mary, people decorated her altars with flowers on her feast days. In medieval times, legends about flowers and herbs, some of them dating from the first century, were used to instruct the faithful as well as entertain them.

Those legends, as well as the Mary names of flowers, can still inform and delight us. Reflecting on the flower names, we can honor Mary and find relevance for our own lives. Carnations and the Christmas Rose bloomed on that night.


4 Literally Awesome Facts About Our Lady of Guadalupe

Many of the plants can be easily grown in your own Mary Garden, a garden dedicated to Mary and containing her image and plants associated with her by name or legend. The legends and reflections which follow can take us, in spirit and in our hearts, on a virtual journey with Mary. The spurred flower resembles a little dove and came to symbolize the Holy Spirit. Mary, how many miles you walked upon this earth!

Your grace-filled being brought the Son of Man close to us. Have we ever thanked you for the role you played? Let us follow your footprints; even better, teach us to walk in your shoes. On the night that Jesus was born, the Magi, praying on a mountainside, saw a star appear in the form of a fair child.

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The child told them to go to Jerusalem, where they would find a newborn child. When the Wise Men, following the star, reached the village of Bethlehem, they looked for a further sign. Suddenly King Melchior saw a strange white and gold flower that looked like the star that had led them to Bethlehem. As he bent to pick it, the door of a stable opened and he saw the Holy Family.

Things, persons and events are prophets pointing the way to God; they are priests and people praising God. If only I could share your wisdom, as did the Wise Men who knelt down before the child in your arms. In Sicily, it is told that the juniper bush saved the life of Mary and the infant Jesus during their flight into Egypt.

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As the soldiers pursued them, the Holy Family hastened through fields of peas and flax and thickets of various shrubs. The inside of the large bush became a soft bed, sheltering the fleeing family, while needles on the outside branches grew prickly as spears.

Our Lady of Luján: Mother of the poor and humble

In the Middle Ages it was used in gardens with other scented herbs. Our garden of life includes blessing and despair. We marvel that the two can go hand in hand. Just as we note the splendor of our gardens, we also note the toil and sweat it takes over the years to establish a good garden. Egypt worked hard to make a land where junipers can thrive.

Mary, you, Joseph and the child would live there for a while. Sometimes I wonder how you mastered life in the desert. Teach me. The gently drooping flowers resemble ear-drops or pendant earrings. Lovers, even little ones like this child, deck the beloved with lovely things, tuck flowers in her hair, make wreaths to bring her joy.

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