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Pullman would have our children emulate! Sadly, Phillip Pullman is likely to make huge inroads in the hearts of countless children in his war on God. Since Pullman has admitted that his stated goal is to undermine the Christian faith, it is no wonder that he cast heroic characters like Mary Malone, as a scientist who has turned her back on God and ends up serving the fallen angels.

At least Pullman admits through one of his heroes that the Christian faith is both powerful and convincing, because this can hardly be said of his comic revisionism.

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Pullman, as we have discovered, teaches his audience that God came on the scene after matter was already in existence and organized, presumably from the eternal past. However today, even atheistic scientists who subscribe to the "big bang" theory now acknowledge the existence of a first cause that brought time, space and matter into existence.

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Einstein stated that he wrongly subscribed to a cosmology that assumed that the universe had no beginning. Einstein went on to claim that the existence of a creator was highly evident in the construction of the cosmos. So Pullman offers nothing new, only false pseudo-science and snake oil.

Spontaneous generation is yet another scientific blunder that has been repudiated yet Pullman nevertheless adapts the pseudo-science into his fantasy as though it were a plausible reality. Atheists in the past denied creation by divine fiat and came up with the theory that life spontaneously generated out of dead matter. However, in the 19th century, Louis Pasteur and other scientist proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the theory of spontaneous generation categorically false. They demonstrated that life does not arise from non-life and complex cells and organisms do not spontaneously generate from dead matter.

While scientist in the laboratory have longed proved this notion false, every day the laboratory life itself demonstrates the incontrovertible evidence for the law of biogenesis which states that life comes from life. The third scientific blunder that Pullman draws upon in his effort to kill God with his not- so-subtle knife, is the theory of alternative universes. Some atheists, in their effort to run from the evidence, have fantasized about alternative universes that are not dependent upon a beginning or the same known scientific laws that would demand a creator.

In so doing, they are able to live in an alternative universe that exists only in their minds and ignore the evidence of the authority of a creator revealed through the things made in the known universe Romans Your email address will not be published. Philip Pullman. Daniel Craig. Nicole Kidman. Surprise, Surprise? Harry Potter Mania Continues Beware of Britney! Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Categories Music. Pin It on Pinterest. Good Fight Ministries uses cookies and other similar technologies. By using this website or our other online services, you consent to the practices described in our Privacy Policy , including our Cookie Policy.

The enemy's method creates a slender-conscious society that has girls' health deteriorating from anorexia. The enemy's method creates a god of materialism, so milk and wheat are dumped into the ocean to keep the price "stable" rather than letting it be used to feed the hungry. The enemy's method creates a fast food, junk food craze that denies the body of its proper nutrition.

The enemy does this! The Bible is replete with feasts and festivals with plenty to eat and drink. See John 2 and Matthew It seems like one of our first activities in heaven will be a marriage supper. See Revelation We are to take no anxious thought for what we should eat. See Matthew But we are to eat with thankfulness of heart. See 1 Timothy Food is meant for the body.

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Paul had been tossed about the Mediterranean Sea for some fourteen days by a tempestuous wind called Euroclydon. Everything that could be thrown overboard had been jettisoned to help lighten the ship. They didn't know where they were, but by the soundings, they knew they were coming close to land. They threw out four anchors, and wished for the day.

In this setting, Paul said, "'Let's eat! If Dr. Goldstein's Hopeful Monster Mechanism was not confusing enough, evolutionists next foisted on us the Chaos and Complexity Theory. Worldwide deficit spending. Doctor-assisted suicides. Turning the baby around to come out feet-first, thus leaving the head in the birth canal while the doctor slits the baby's neck to harvest the brain cells.

It is not the Hippocratic Oath; it is a hypocritical oath! Confusion is brought about by planting doubt.

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  • In the Garden, satan asked Eve: " Hath God said…" In the Wilderness, satan taunted Jesus: " If you are the Son of God…" Demons were often the first to confess that Jesus was the Christ, yet how many of them have planted doubts about hell, sin, holiness, baptism, the virgin birth, heaven-even about life itself? From more than one confused mind I have heard, "Life is but an illusion. The apostle Paul marveled that the Galatian Christians were so soon removed to "another gospel.

    Speaking Evil of Dignities

    See 1 Corinthians And, yes, Paul even rebuked Peter for the confusion he caused by first eating with the Gentile Christians in Antioch; then, when others came from Jerusalem, separating himself-so much confusion that even Barnabas was "carried away" by his actions. See Galatians Yes, satan wants the saints of God to be confused. Confusion yields chaos. And chaos ends in burnout! The opposite of confusion is order. So Luke assures his friend Theophilus that he, "having investigated the course of all things from the very beginning, determined to write an orderly account for you that you might know with certainty the truth concerning the things in which you have been instructed.

    John gives us confidence that "these things are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ. But we have the confidence of His Word that the day will come when "we will know, even as we are known. Although from every facet of life from the world's perspective there seems to emanate confusion, God's Word declares order. The body cells begin dying even before birth. Add to the natural decay of our body the lack of exercise, poor diet, abusive substances, accidents and numerous other causes and you have the sick state of modern man.

    Though death is as sure as life, I plan to fight it to my dying day!

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    Isaiah Amplified says: "Surely He has borne our griefs-sicknesses, weaknesses and distress-and carried our sorrow and pain. Am I saying that no Christian will ever be sick? But there are practices of safety and nutrition that we can employ to lessen the possibility of our falling prey to this tactic of the enemy. What more can be or needs to be said?

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    Almost every headline points to the bizarre. Murder has become a child's pastime. Terrorists release poison gas in subway tunnels, use commercial jets as lethal rockets or blow themselves up as suicide bombers. Christ prophesied, "In the last days men's hearts would be failing them for fear. In short, to combat this insidious burnout tactic of the enemy, we must be a Bible-reading, Bible-hearing, Bible-believing, and Bible-living Christian.

    Then all hell cannot wear us out. However, "Let him who thinks he stands take heed, lest he falls! You're the only one doing that. Don't tell anyone. No one will understand. You must keep this a secret-from everybody! He'll have you kicked out of the church. Keep it quiet. It is a method of the enemy whereby we can get enmeshed in those secret sins, those "besetting sins which so easily trip us up" that Paul talks about in Hebrews Secret sins send thoughts racing helter-skelter through our brain, bombarding our good intentions with evil interruptions.

    But we dare not tell a soul. No one could have as wicked thoughts as I!


    Or could they? Our only way out of this trap is to expose the sinful thoughts to the Light of His Word. But the one who does the truth comes to the light. Oftentimes the weight of these secret thoughts to sin are so heavy that it is impossible for us alone to carry them to Calvary, there reckoning ourselves dead to sin and alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans Even as Jesus needed Simon of Cyrene to help Him carry His cross to Golgatha, we, at times, need to call on the accountability counsel of two or three intimate friends.

    In the security of that trust relationship developed through prayer and sharing , we can "confess our faults one to another and pray for one another so that we may be healed. Because of the character of satan, he doesn't have to be logical or reasonable. So, for his purposes, he can now yell, "Hey, you guys. Everybody's doin' it! Join the fun!