Shadows at Stonewylde

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Paul Murton follows in the footsteps of the first tourists to Scotland. Sawley Abbey was an abbey of Cistercian monks, set on the banks of the Ribble in the village of Sawley, Lancashire.

A ft stretch of the River Darwen at Shorey Bank is set to be uncovered for the first time in years. He most well known book amongst pagans is Truimph of the Moon. A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. Francis Bacon. The Next Sabbat is: Yule in 37 days. The Hinterlands by Annwfyn.

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One foot out by Annwfyn. One foot in by Annwfyn. Further down the spiral by Annwfyn. Re-creation by Pyewacket. People born under this sign are the most intense and passionate of the signs.

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Welcome to the The White Goddess messageboard, here you will find helpful links and resources as well as important notices about the The White Goddess website. Shadows at Stonewylde - The White Goddess. What is a Goddess? What is Wicca?

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Return to Stonewylde - and let the adventure continue! Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Shadows at Stonewylde (Stonewylde Book 4) Review Copy

Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. July 7, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Spoilers: Well, kind of.

Shadows at Stonewylde - The White Goddess

This book deals with Yul and Sylvia 13 years later when they've "grown up". So there is magic involved in this, but unless it really is effecting all the characters, all of the adults are awful I wanted to use another "a" word.

That's really my problem with this book, it is so hard to read, because all of the adults and a lot of the kids are awful people or so trapped in their own misery that they can't think for themselves. Leveret and Clip were really the only characters I could deal with, and Sylvie to an extent. I am going to read the next book, because at this point I need to know what happens, but it's hard to do.

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Probably I would like a community like this to exist, but the people in this book have me nearly put off of it. November 17, - Published on Amazon.

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The book is part one of a two-part story. It has some stand-alone elements, but does end with a number of unresolved plot points that will hopefully be closed in the next book. The author continues to write with clear imagery and balances many background stories.

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Although this book does reference the last three books, this story is set thirteen years after the last Stonewylde book. Be prepared for some disappointment as characters built up in the last three books are tested and hopefully will come back strong in the next book. August 22, - Published on Amazon. I could not put it down, and sympathized so much with the people in the book!

I am only disappointed the last book will not be out for about a year and that it will be last in the series!