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Martha Elam. Chinese wisdom, more world-affirming than the ascetical religions of India, accords little or no place to revelation as this term is understood in the Western religions, though Chinese traditions do speak of the necessity of following a natural harmony in the universe. Daoism , perhaps the most characteristic Chinese form of practical mysticism, finds revelation only in the transparency of the immanent divine principle or way Dao. Confucianism , while not incompatible with Daoism, is oriented less toward natural mysticism and more toward social ethics and decorum , though it too is concerned with accommodating life to a balance in the natural flow of existence.

Confucius — bce , who refined the best moral teachings that had come down in the tradition, was neither a prophet appealing to divine revelation nor a philosopher seeking to give reasons for his doctrine. In the three great religions of the West—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—revelation is the basic category of religious knowledge. Human beings know God and his will because God has freely revealed himself—his qualities, purpose, or instructions. The Israelite faith looked back to the Pentateuch the first five books of the Hebrew Bible , or Old Testament for its fundamental revelation of God.

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God was believed to have revealed himself to the patriarchs and prophets by various means not unlike those known to the local religions— theophanies visible manifestations of the divine , dreams, visions, auditions, and ecstasies—and also, more significantly, by his mighty deeds, such as his bringing the Israelites out of Egypt and enabling them to conquer the Holy Land. Their inspired words were to be accepted in loving obedience as the Word of God. Rabbinic Judaism , which probably originated during the Babylonian Exile and became organized after the destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 ce , concerned itself primarily with the solution of legal and ethical problems.

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It gradually developed an elaborate system of casuistry resting upon the Torah the Law, or the Pentateuch and its approved commentaries, especially the Talmud commentaries on the Torah , which was regarded by many as equal to the Bible in authority. Orthodox Judaism still recognizes these authoritative sources and insists on the verbal inspiration of the Bible, or at least of the Pentateuch.

The New Testament took its basic notions of revelation from the contemporary forms of Judaism 1st century bce and 1st century ce —i. The Christian revelation is viewed as occurring primarily in the life, teaching, death, and Resurrection of Jesus, all interpreted by the apostolic witnesses under the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

Commissioned by Jesus and empowered by the divine spirit, the Apostles , as the primary heralds, hold a position in Christianity analogous to that of the prophets in ancient Israel. The Apostle Paul , though not personally a witness to the public life of Jesus, is ranked with the Apostles by reason of his special vision of the risen Christ and of his special call to carry the Gospel to the Gentiles.

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Further development is understood to be a deeper penetration of what was already revealed, in some sense, in the 1st century. Periodically, in the course of Christian history, there have been sectarian movements that have attributed binding force to new revelations occurring in the community, such as the 2nd-century Montanists a heretical group whose members believed they were of the Age of the Holy Spirit , the 13th-century Joachimites a mystical group that held a similar view , the 16th-century Anabaptists radical Protestant sects , and the 17th-century Quakers.

Islam, the third great prophetic religion of the West, has its basis in revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad c.

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More than either Judaism or Christianity, Islam is a religion of the Book. Insisting as it does on the absolute sovereignty of God, on human passivity in relation to the divine, and on the infinite distance between creator and creature, Islam has sometimes been inhospitable to philosophical speculation and mystical experience. My own angels revealed to me that the Magician Merlin depicted Arthur's wise and powerful Guardian Angel who was responsible for guiding him along the path of purity and light.

Legend has it that God himself had placed the sword in the stone and that he had expressly stated that only the true heir to the throne of England would be able to remove it. Arthur and his knights had many adventures on their journeys through time, but the ultimate quest that they embarked upon was their search for the holy grail. The holy grail is really not a cup per say, but is an energy field that resonates in harmony with the Holy Spirit.

(ebook) Mystical Keys to the Book of Revelation

This is the same field that people who meditate are trying to attune themselves with. It is also this field that souls who enjoy feelings of rapture, or who are suddenly able to see and hear things that they normally are not aware of have come into contact with. It is the home or the abode of God and it is accessible to all souls who seek it providing they are willing to undergo spiritual purification. This is the path of the spiritual masters: the high mystics of the spirit. May all who thirst to touch the magical realm of the Divine Spirit find there way as they embark on their own mystical quest for enlightenment.